Ultimate Guide To Prepare Wedding Ceremony In Bali

The island of Bali has a million beauties that always attract anyone to return there. Besides vacation purposes, many people deliberately come to Bali to have a romantic wedding at Bali Luxury Villa. For a wedding in Bali to run smoothly, several things need to be prepared in advance. For details, read on for the following information.

Preparation of Wedding Plans in Bali

1. Preparing Marriage Files

If you are from outside the island of Bali, the processing of marriage documents must be carefully prepared. You and your partner should consult in advance with the marriage registration office regarding the files to be ready. It will make it easier for you to be more successful when getting married. It also prevents any files from being left behind.

2. Catering Service

When planning a wedding at a wedding villa, you also need to prepare catering services. It is crucial to entertain your guests to enjoy the event you are doing. The menu offered is also quite complete, ranging from Indonesian food to western food. In addition, you can also bring your catering service, which must be discussed with the villa.

3. Make a reservation

No less important, you must not forget to make a reservation in advance if you want to rent a Bali Luxury Villa. Of course, if you’re going to get the best villa, you should first study the facilities and services provided by the place. This is very important to bring quality and complete service to Villa Bali.

4. Invited Guests

If you choose a wedding villa in Bali to hold a reception, of course, you want to get a more private atmosphere. Therefore, the guests who are invited are only the closest people. It’s a good idea to plan the number of guests who come to the wedding. Don’t forget to adjust your budget too. As a result, you can provide comfort to guests who come to your wedding.

5. Wedding Photographer Services

Another important thing that should not be missed is the aspect of photography. Because it is a precious moment, of course, this wedding ceremony must be documented. Therefore, the services of a wedding photographer must be adequately prepared. Because Bali Luxury Villa generally does not provide this service. Even so, you can ask for a recommendation from the Villa.

If all the preparations have been done carefully, your wedding reception will go well. The selection of a quality wedding villa will make your wedding smoother. One that you can choose is Villa the Surga Estate, which is in Uluwatu. This one villa offers a complete wedding package and adequate facilities.

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